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ruetzpipes @ "Pfeiferei" International Pipe Show Stuttgart (March 16, 2024)

The International Pipe Show Stuttgart enters the next round. We are honored to be part of this great event! March 16, 2024 in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Pfeifenbauer Internationale Pfeifenmesse Stuttgart
ruetzpipes @ Pfeiferei Stuttgart 2024

The first "Pfeiferei" in Stuttgart 2023 was awesome – lots of visitors, wonderful conversations, great pipe makers and last but not least: a memorable day about pipes. The big success needs to be continued – the line-up shows that the team around founder Folkmar Schiek takes the word international seriously. Some "big players" of the pipe community are invited. What an honor to be part of this event!

The pipe makers

Folkmar Schiek von Atelier 9punkt9 – passionate pipe smoker, pipe collector and pipe dealer – invited about 30 German and international pipe makers:

Bruno Nuttens, Cornelius Mänz, Abi Natur, Nanna Ivarsson, Angelo Fassi, Uwe Maier, Roger Wallenstein, Stefan Reisinger, Christophe Wolff, Manfred Hornig, Roland Kirsch, Hartmut Heckmann, Frank Axmacher, Ron Smith, Reiner Thilo, Chris Asteriou, Jürgen Moritz, Tom R. Mehret, Costas Zissis, Alessandro Lucca, Ingo Koch, Uwe Kopp, Thomas Kalmar, Nektarios Staurinos, Branko Sesa, Michel Weinhold, Eike Hallmann and my humble self – as an Austrian pipe maker I can contribute to the internationality of the German pipe community. (as at January 22, 2024, subject to change)

The highlights of the Pipe Show in Stuttgart

pipes, pipes, pipes – and pipe lovers!


Thomas Nitsche – masterblender of Kopp Tobaccos & a great person with his tobbaco mix bar

cigar- und rumtasting

traditional Southern German culinary art

Date, time, location

"Pfeiferei" – International Pipe Show Stuttgart 2024

Saturday, March 16, 2024 10 am to 4 pm

Festsaal Alte Kelter, Kelterberg 5, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Deutschland


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