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artisan pipe maker Christian Ruetz, Austria
artisan pipe maker Christian Ruetz, Austria

Christian Ruetz
pipe maker from Tyrol, Austria | handmade tobacco pipes

At the age of 16 I smoked my first pipe and it was love at first smoke. Serenity, peace, convivality. Today you would call it awareness. Meditation. Many years later I remodeled my first pipe. With the carving knives of my father-in-law I created my very first pipe … out of a chunk of cherrywood and on the living room table. In retrospect I would say that this was the moment, where I found my passion. From this moment on I was addicted to pipe making – with all my heart and soul. 


Probably it was the carving knives of my warm-hearted father-in-law (some call him „Radagast" with good reason) what brought me into a deep connection with nature when I tried to figure out my own pipe making style. Inspired by the perfect imperfection of nature I want to make the world to a better place – through creative surfaces and combinations, shapes and messages. Technical finesse, artistically expressed and with a mission: When you feel the perfection of nature in its imperfection you are about to discover the key to happiness.

Since 2021 I’m officialy a fulltime pipe maker. Lots of work, but lots of happiness. It’s a great feeling to love going to work every single day.


ruetzpipes: rustic elegance, close to nature tolerance, joyful smoking experience. And: Bark, baby!

Find out more about the ruetzpipes style here.

the ruetzpipes family ❤

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