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ruetzpipes - tobacco pipes from Tyrol, Austria

#freehand tobacco pipes – made with passion since 2014


Daintify Fails

(smooth, bark, tiny, acrylic)          

€ 425,00 SALE: € 380,00*

Filter: ohne/none

Gewicht/Weight: 44 g

Länge/Length: 98 mm
dth: 40 mm

Höhe/Height: 51 mm
Kammer/Chamber: 18 x 40 mm


Touch Her Twice

(smooth, bark, sunk-in brass ring, ebonite)          


Filter: ohne/none

Gewicht/Weight: 57 g

Länge/Length: 152 mm
Breite/Width: 41 mm

Höhe/Height: 44 mm
mber: 37  x 18 mm


Wooden Vein

(smooth, bark, ebonite)          


Filter: 9mm

Gewicht/Weight: 74 g

Länge/Length: 142 mm
Breite/Width: 48 mm

Höhe/Height: 52 mm
mber:  40 x 21 mm


#ruetzpipescat Collection

T-Shirts, Tanktops, Tassen/Mugs, Taschen/Shopper 


This is a selection of available pipes – feel free to contact me if interested in a custom one based on your wishes. Unique pipes for unique humans! For inspirations have a look in my gallery or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information, colours may differ from the picture.

*Prices plus shipping, not including possible customs duties, no VAT due to § 6 Abs. 1 UStG, General Terms and Conditions


Christian Ruetz | ruetzpipes | pipe maker from Tyrol, Austria | since 2014

Anker 1

The pipes in the gallery are not available!

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