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Christian Ruetz | ruetzpipes | Pipemaker from Tyrol, Austria | since 2014

Podcast Strandkorbgedöns mit Pfeifenbauer Christian Ruetz

I am honored that Tobias Geisel invited me to his wonderful podcast "Strandkorbgedöns" - I've already created a few pipes while listening to his podcast :) 

Thanks for your time and the kind words about me, Toby - I can only return the compliment: a very nice guy! 

Have fun while listening!

Interview Tirol TV, February 2023

Tirol TV, ruetzpipes – Pfeifenbauer aus Österreich, handgefertigte Tabakpfeifen

Eva Saxl from Tirol TV visited my ruetzpipes workshop – thanks for a diverting interview and the great pictures you took! The video you can see here – unfortunately only in German.

Foto: © Eva Saxl, Tirol TV

Pfeiferei Stuttgart, March 11, 2023

Pfeiferei Stuttgart, Internationale Pfeifenmesse Deutschland

March 11, 2023: Folkmar Schiek from atelier9punkt9 is organizing the 1st International Pipe Fair in Stuttgart (Vaihingen) on March 11, 2023 and I am particularly pleased to be part of it. Stop by and let's indulge in pipe smoking together!

Looking forward to an awesome pipe show with colleagues like Dirk Heinemann, Cornelius Mänz, Abi Natur, Costas Zissis, Roger Wallenstein, Thomas Kalmar, Angelo Fassi, ...

Alte Kelter Stuttgart-Vaihingen, from 10am to 4pm

Foto: © Folkmar Schiek, atelier9punkt9

Design ohne Titel.png

Tom, a cool outdoor guy and newage viking, asked me to create a pipe for his adventures in the wilderness. He took a cool video about smoking it the first time – you can see it here.

Logo rechts unten: © Tom, Cimbrer Bushcraft

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-06 um 11.43.51.png

September 30th, 2023:
In September the Pipe Show in Landau called "Pälzer Rauchzeichen" will take place – hosted by Bernd Schlosser it is not only a remake of the Pipe Show in Speyr, it is an international modern event for pipe lovers. I'm happy to be part of it and looking forward to a great show with pipe making fellows like Dirk Heinemann, Holmer Knudsen, Roland Kirsch, Tommi Teichmann, Thomas Kalmar, ...

Kulturzentrum "Altes Kaufhaus", 76829 Landau
10am–4pm, admission free


Foto: © Bernd Schlosser, Pälzer Rauchzeichen

Strandkorbgedöns Podcast ruetzpipes Folkmar Schiek Pfeiferei Pfeifenmesser Stuttgart

Aside from the fact that the podcast "Strandkorbgedöns"is worth listening to not only for pipe smokers, Tobias Geisel also a really likeable guy – together with Folmar Schiek from atelier9punkt9 he recorded a special episode about the International Pipe Show in Stuttgart. I feel flattered about the nice words they say about me and my work.
Here you can listen to it.

Foto: © Tobias Geisel, Strandkorbgedöns

handmade Volcano pipe

Wanna see how a tobacco pipe is made? Acrylic rod, a briar beauty and a lot of handcraft and passion. A short self-made video about my occupation – let's name it: lifeblood. You can see it here.


March 24, 2021: In their special episode Betreffend: Pfeifenkraut  I got to meet the great guys from my favourite Lord of the Rings podcast – Hör die Ringe: Ein unerwarteter Podcast. I answer questions about pipe making – and we philosophize about the wonderful world of J. R. R. Tolkien. Listen up! Here you can find the episode.

Logo: ©

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