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foto: Martin Tine Steinthaler

Christian Ruetz – ruetzpipes
pipe maker, craftsman, artist, artisan

The term "pipe maker" doesn't quite do justice to my ambitions. I want to create pipes that are good smokes and accompany people in very special moments. Calm, reflection, peace, affirmation of life, openness. But at the same time, it is important to me that my pieces have a message, a deeper meaning.


What inspires me: working with my hands and with materials from nature. In moments when I am in my workshop thinking about life and looking through the window at the beautiful Tschirgant massif, which has been on our planet for millions of years, the real "ruetz" pipes are created. This is how the style of "ruetzpipes" came about. Nature, roughness, imperfection . I like people with stories, with scars. Authentic, honest. And that's how my pipes should be too.

Anyone who knows my work knows that this is expressed above all by the incorporation of the natural bark of the briar. The segmented bark on shaft and mouthpiece is particularly “ruetz”.



One of my „signature shapes“ is the Broken Gaia – dedicated to Mother Earth, to nature and (human) kindness, to imperfection. Nature is our home, our muse, the basis of life. 💚 🌿 When you feel the perfection of nature in its imperfection you are about to discover the key to happiness. Let’s be broken but kind! 🫶🏻

„In the waves you see the power of Gaia,

In the forest you hear the whispers of Gaia,

In the summer rain you sense the caress of Gaia,

in the the thunderstorm you feel the despair of Gaia.“

(Dagmar Rankl)

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Broken Gaia ruetzpipes signature II.jpeg
Broken Gaia ruetzpipes Signature.jpeg
Broken Gaia ruetzpipes signature IV.jpeg
„As if art wasn't nature and nature wasn't art!“

(freely translated, German original by Christian Morgenstern 1871–1914)

Cover Christian Ruetz pipe maker

Covers: Martin Tine Steinthaler

Cover ruetzpipes signature
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